Our club is intentional to have different levels of teams at each age level. Each level of team will travel and compete in different tournaments based on their skill level.

Local: Our Local level teams will compete in 4 to 6 tournaments throughout their season. These will match our teams against other local teams in the area. This is a terrific way to begin their club experience.

Regional: Our Regional level teams will compete in 8-9 tournaments throughout the region in a tough schedule that will push them in all facets of the game. 

Power: Our Power level teams will compete in 10-11 of the top tournaments in the Southeast. Their tournament schedule will exposure the athletes to college coaches and lead to great development over the course of the season.

Premier:  Our Premier level teams schedule is one of the best constructed schedules in the country. Our teams will compete on a national level against some of the very best club programs in the country. Our Stars teams traditionally play and more matches then any other club and this year is no different.

  12U Schedule

  13U Schedule

  14U Schedule

  15U Schedule

  16U Schedule

  17U Schedule

 18U Schedule

If you are partiicipating in a Volleyball Tournament in Spartanburg and are looking for a hotel please click here for more information. 

Please note that food tables will not be allowed inside at the Star Center and the Luke.