Upward Stars Upstate Volleyball

Upward Stars provides unique programs designed to adapt and expand with each athlete as they develop in their personal athletic journey. Browse our programs and find the one that best fits you! Each program incorporates intense practice sessions, high-level coaching, character lessons, and a service project.

  • Academy

    Upward Stars volleyball offers the most comprehensive volleyball and athletic training for young players. At Upward Stars Upstate, we offer an academy program all year long! That's 6 different academies your child has the opportunity to participate in. We really see the huge long-term growth when our players continue instruction past one academy, so we would like to set the Academy fee this year to promote and encourage your child to attend as many of our academy sessions as possible! Remember, our academy is from the beginner to players who play school and/or club ball. We provide 3 levels of participation and training- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each group is leveled by experience in the game and led out accordingly.

  • Tournaments

    Information on Stars travel team tournaments

  • Camps / Clinics

    Upward Stars Upstate volleyball offers the most comprehensive volleyball and athletic training for aspiring young athletes. We are now offering a year-round Elite Skills Clinic for players striving to improve mentally and athletically. For those able to participate, there is huge long-term growth by receiving quality instruction throughout the year. Our Elite Skills Clinic coaches are some of the most talented and experienced teachers in the area and provide excellent technical and tactical instruction.