Upward Stars in the Sand program starting soon!!!

Monday, April 06, 2015 11:56:00 AM

2015 Stars in the Sand Program

Why play Stars in the Sand Volleyball this spring?

1.               Access to three great coaches (Brent Atkins, Shanna Hughes and Amy Nokes) who understand the outdoor game and how it is meant to be played.  These coaches will invest in your sand/outdoor game which means you will become a better volleyball player.

2.           Sand is the quickest way to become better at VB.
Indoor college VB is starting to lean more and more towards “generalized specialists.” Translation: coaches want/need players who can do everything (serve/pass/attack/block/defend/move/etc) well and do a few things extremely well. Sand allows you to get better at all the skills. More touches generally means getting better.

3.           Sand is generally more “fun” than indoor.
Think about yesterday at practice: most of the players (if not all of them) would say they had more “fun” playing triples than doing drill work or even playing 6’s. Sand is essentially playing triples in an organized/learning atmosphere (and you can pick your team).

4.           You might play sand in college.   There are almost 40 colleges offering sand volleyball as a NCAA sport and that number grows every year.  We have former Stars players playing sand ball in college!

5.           We can use the sand to supplement our training.
Our season is long….it will be great for you guys to practice/play in the sand AND play in some sanctioned tournaments. We are going to compete in outdoor tournaments this spring/summer – which will be a blast for you guys.

6.           Sand is a great workout.
60 min of playing triples in the sand is equivalent to 2.5 hours of playing 6’s indoor. An added benefit is that sand is “low impact” on your body. Great workout for your lungs, legs and mind.


Why Play Outdoors???

“Research done by USA Volleyball on the contacts per player in the 2008 Olympics, showed the average beach Olympian touched the ball nearly THREE times as often per match compared to an indoor player (2.588 times to be exact).


This means each hour you play doubles in the summer you are learning the skills, by actually contacting the ball, well over twice as fast as when you play the indoor game.


ALSO, an outdoor player also MUST be an all-around player, able to do all the skills in volleyball well – creating the generalized base that you can then specialize from as determined by your indoor team and coach. If you are not strong in passing or hitting, your opponents should serve you, not strong in setting and your opponents should serve your partner. This means you spend the summer developing your weaknesses and become a far stronger player.


Add in that you have to really focus on touching the ball in every rally, a minimum of once and often twice, without a coach to tell you what to do, and you increase the ever important deliberate practice time, repetitions with concentration, not just watching someone else do it, that lead to skill improvement.


When you are making the mistakes that happen from learning, once or even in streaks, there are no substitutes, so you get to work through your errors and figure out how to do it, not sit on the bench”. – John Kessel, USA Volleyball.


When:  April 28-June 8

Practice nights:  Monday and Wednesdays 5:30-7 and 7-8:30pm

Tentative tournaments:  May 9 and June 6

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Master Coaches:  Brent Atkins (151 coach),  Shanna Hughes (141 coach), Amy Nokes (16s coach/Wofford College Asst.)

Cost:  $175.00