How to find the right VOLLEYBALL club for your family.

Monday, October 20, 2014 3:01:00 PM

Finding the Right Volleyball Club Program for You


What is “Club Volleyball”?

Club volleyball offers any athlete the opportunity to continue to participate in and develop their volleyball skills after their school volleyball season is completed.

Club volleyball is one of the best ways for girls (and guys) 10-18 to receive advanced training and compete in competitive tournaments.  Club seasons typically run from tryouts in November through area championships in April. Additionally, a few club teams within each club typically continue training and competing through the National Championships, held in late June.

Why Play Club Volleyball?

Deciding to play club volleyball is a serious family commitment of time and money.  Some of the reasons should consider club volleyball include but aren’t limited to:

·         PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – She will get better!  Players who go through club ball typically get more athletic, more competitive, and become better volleyball players.. 

·         NEW FRIENDSHIPS –The relationships that are formed through practice and team play will be friendships that last a lifetime.  Meeting different and new people and becoming great friends is one of the best elements to club sports.

·         LIFE LESSONS THROUGH SPORT – She will get to experience so many of the ups and downs that she will go through as an adult.  She will have the opportunity to deal with success, adversity and even failing and learn how to continue to grow in the face of wins, setbacks and competition.  All of these life skills will be learned in a very safe environment. 

·         EXPOSURE TO COLLEGE RECRUITERS –For the older, more advanced players, club volleyball is way to be seen by college recruiters. The majority of colleges now recruit directly from club programs. Last year over 98% of the high school girls from Georgia and South Carolina who received college scholarships played club. If your daughter wants to play in college, then plan to play club!

·         TOURNAMENT PLAY –Club tournaments are usually far more competitive and more physically demanding than high school matches.  This leads to quicker and more extensive development.

How to Choose the Best Club for You

Here are 10 important aspects of a club volleyball program. Ask some of these questions as you look into finding the right program for your family:

·         Director- What kind of experience does he/she have? What is his/her philosophy for the program?

o   The full time director of Upward Stars is Corey Helle. He has over 20 years of club volleyball and 17 years of Division 1 College coaching experience – including 11 years as a division 1 head coach.

o   Corey Helle is committed to equipping the Stars coaches to make an impact in the lives of each of athlete.  He is committed to the seeing each athlete grow mentally, athletically, socially and spiritually through our 360 progression.

·         Staff- Who are the other coaches on staff in the club? What is their experience? How many years have they been on staff?

o   The Upward Stars staff is the most experienced staff around. We have Christian coaches who are passionate about helping their athletes grow as people and as players.

o   We have over 15 current or former college coaches on staff along with numerous varsity and middle school coaches.  We are committed to having a professional staff that delivers the 360 progression.

·         Facility- What kind of facility does the club have? Is it easily accessible?

o   The Upward Stars Volleyball Center is a 7 court, climate controlled building right off of I-26.

o   The new Star Center is a 12 court, climate control building right off I-85.

o   We will also have 4 new sand courts at the Star Center.

·         Practice opportunities-How often can your child practice at the Club?

o   Stars volleyball players will have access to the VB Center and Star Center daily.

·         Tournament opportunities- What kind of tournaments does the club go to?

o   Upward Stars puts together one of the most comprehensive, age appropriate and competitive tournament schedules in the southeast.  In addition, teams can always decide to go to extra tournaments if they wish.

·         Commitment to development as a person and as a player- Does the club believe in this?

o   Upward Stars is intentional about helping each athlete have success as an athlete and as a person. Upward Stars offers service projects for every team and other chances to give back to the community.  Stars coaches have weekly character meetings with teams as well. All of this is done through our 360 progression.

·         Success of Club’s history- What kind of history does the Club have?

o   The Upward Stars (formally Club South) has a long standing history of success both in and out of South Carolina.

o   In 2014, Stars teams won over 20 SAVL tourney titles and our 15 Brent team finished 3rd at AAUs Nationals.

·         Meeting your needs- Does the Club offer programs that will meet your family’s criteria?

o   The Upward Stars offer programs for every level of ability and price range.

o   We have additional programming and opportunities:  private lessons, performance training, nutritional coaching, and mental training.

o   We have additional sports as well – including basketball and soon soccer. 

·         Fundraising and Scholarships- Does the Club offer these opportunities?

o   Upward Stars will work with each family to find a way for every child to play. No child should miss out because of finances.   We have a fundraising and scholarship option for families.

·         Trust- Do you trust the Club to take care of and do what is best for your child?

o   For 18 years, Upward Sports has been a trusted house-hold name. The Upward Stars promise to do everything in their power to provide children with all the tools to excel in life and on the court, and to make sure their athletes are learning in a safe, fun environment.

Deciding to participate in club volleyball is an important family decision. Spend time researching how to get the most out of your daughter’s experience. Talk to players, coaches and parents, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Being a part of a club volleyball team could be some of the best years of your daughter’s life!


              The Upward Stars Volleyball Club is committed to developing athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially through the 360 progression so each can develop to their potential and compete at their highest level.

                    The Upward Stars Volleyball Club is a part of the Southeast Alliance Volleyball League (SAVL), governed by the Junior Volleyball Association (J.V.A.).

                    Upward Stars offers programs for all levels of experience from ages 6-18.

                    Upwards Stars believes in teaching athletes to have a balanced and passionate perspective, develop athletically for the long term, and develop not only as athletes, but as people.

                    Check out or for more information!