17 Kevin wins K2 Elite Challenge

Monday, January 26, 2015 2:15:49 PM

Excellence doesn't just happen.  It's something we have to strive for, work for, and sacrifice for to achieve.  And it's what God asks of us in every area of our lives.  Why?  Because it glorifies Him.  Did you know that the word mediocre originally meant "in the middle of the mountain"?  Perhaps the image is that of a mountain climber, who halfway to the summit, decides to forget his quest.  He settles for less than the top.  Mediocrity. Can you imagine paying to see your favorite athlete/team play, and midway through the game, your hero decides he/she doesn't really want to put forth the effort today? What would you think if you saw that? Take some time to examine your own life.  Think back on your attitude and actions of the last month... Have you been doing your best and being a winner or settling for mediocrity? The philosophies "I'll do just enough to get by" and "don't take anything too seriously" were foreign to the apostle Paul.  We need to listen to his counsel.